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Southwest Airlines: “We Love Your Bags”

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Southwest Airlines prides itself in being a company with “heart”. We know this because it is something its employees as well as customers have said about Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines began flying in 1971 and they keep going strong. Southwest seems to understand that doing what other airlines are doing simply because it can benefit their profit margin. Standing out from the crowd is what has allowed Southwest Airlines to be known as a company with heart. I have to say that I have flown Southwest Airlines as well as several other airlines. Knowing that the price I see is the final price since I don’t have to pay for my bags is a relief. In a time where people are trying to save money to afford a family vacation, every little bit helps and makes it that much easier to relax during that vacation. Although it may make Southwest Airlines more money to charge for bags, they will also lose their advantage over the other airlines. Southwest Airlines likes creating a fun work environment. This is something I have seen other companies try to do for their employees. I work for Verizon Wireless and there are several activities they do to make it fun to show up for work. Although this may not ensure everyone will thrive in this type of work environment, when dealing in customer service, every little bit helps. Before going this route, I dreaded waking up in the morning to go to work and deal with people who would be screaming at me on the phone. I’m not saying they don’t scream anymore. What I am saying is that getting ready to go to work I now get in the mindset of: I wonder what will be in store for today. This isn’t something where you need to have activities every day; just the idea that there may be something fun in store is enough. Giving people a work environment where it can be fun will also help them be more productive. This helps a company make more money...

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Southwest Airlines: We Love Your Bags

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