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Southwest Performance Management

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Performance Management and Southwest Airlines

I. Discuss the ways in which organizations can manage the performance of their workforce in order to meet their goals. You should refer in your analysis to the role of leadership, organizational culture and human resource management practices.

The role of senior staff or leadership plays a critical function to deliver effective performance management in an organization. The line managers are responsible to manage the performance of their employees, where both parties are agreed to actively and continuously monitor the employee’s performance development plan. Line managers manage performance throughout they year by monitoring achievements.To achieve this, senior staff should send the message to the lower staff that performance management is a good thing and managing performance is what they are expected to do. Moreover, the line managers needs to assure that everyone in the company is sharing the same mission and goals.

Good management practice involves providing formal and informal feedback to the employees, for example recognizing or praising employees of their good work and dealing with performance problem when they arise, and revising roles and objectives as required. "It’s all about leadership that help organizations to execute. It’s the basic thing that help leaders to be successful." Angelo Kinicki says. The 6 dimensions are:

Support and coaching: The extent to which a leader instructs, directs and promotes employee effectiveness. This dimension includes such factors as providing employees with adequate resources, serving as a role model and providing guidance.
Communication: An "essential core competency for a successful leader," this dimension includes approachability and the ability to offer positive feedback.
Providing consequences: The extent to which a leader acknowledges employee...

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