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Medical Colleges medical schools, 1997–2007. J. Med. Libr. Assoc.,
2008, 96(4), 324–334.
8. Prathap, G., Second order indicators for evaluating international scientific collaboration. Scientometrics, 2013, 95(2), 563–570.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. We thank the University of Malaya,
Malaysia for financial support (Project No.: UM.C/625/1/HIR/
MOHE/13). G.P. is grateful for his appointment as High Impact Research Icon under this grant, which made the collaboration possible.

Received 20 January 2015; revised accepted 7 July 2015 doi: 10.18520/v109/i6/1159-1164

Figure 2. Excellence–output trajectories for the group of low-output universities. The present study confirms the generally accepted notion that UM and USM are the leading public universities. These two universities are the oldest in Malaysia, established in 1959 and 1969 respectively. In fact, both these universities were ranked at the top 200 in the first
THES-QS Best Universities ranking in 2004. UM continues to be ranked in the top 200 of the 2014 QS Best Universities ranking.
In 2012, UM became the first university to be ranked in the Shanghai Jia Tong AWRU top 500 universities. It is now ranked in the 301–400 list of the AWRU 2014. In
2014, the USM was included in the top 500 for the first time. It is expected that private universities will continue to strengthen their research productivity to enhance their image locally as it will be a good marketing strategy.

1. Tan, H. X., Abu Ujum, E., Choong, K. F. and Ratnavelu, K., Impact analysis of domestic and international collaborations: a Malaysian case study. Scientometrics, 2015, 102(1), 885–904.
2. MOHE, National higher education action plan: 2007–2010. Ministry of Higher Education, Putrajaya, Malaysia, 2007.
3. MOHE, The national higher education strategic plan: laying the foundation beyond 2020....

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