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Oscar Alvarez SP 100 M&W 11-15-12 Jared Short Summary Response

From day 1 that the group project was given to us I felt that we approached the assignment with ease. We heard and understood the professors instructions, soon after began with selecting a leader that would represent our group. The group members were Jarrett, Greg, and I voted Michael to be the leader of our group. Since this is not a dictating leadership, although it was not mentioned or brought up I made sure to select Ch. 8 “Enhancing Relationships” because I felt it was much easier then the rest of the options. After voting Michael and choosing Ch. 8 as our assigned presentation we skimmed through the pages within the chapter highlighting keywords and main points we can use to benefit out presentation. We chose to divide the chapter into 4 equal parts all under what the title of our chapter says “ Enhancing Relationships”. Although we only found three solid sections; Family, Friends, Colleagues, we decided to add another topic that does support our cause. I helped assign corresponding sub-divisions to each member and allowed them to choose which of the 4 topics they felt most comfortable with. After this we used the rest of class to align ourselves properly and gather any useful information that would help us out. From here on we were on our own. As days passed we all made sure to keep in contact through the means of email and over the phone. My own responsibilities were to make sure to everyone understood their portion and were able to portray it onto a PowerPoint. I strongly feel the least of a grade I should receive is an B for my intuition and effort with participation and group...

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