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Spanish Consumers' Perception of Functional Foods

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Charlotte Bussmann Pablo Medina Oisin Halpin Leyre Santana León
Universidad Carlos III Madrid
Charlotte Bussmann Pablo Medina Oisin Halpin Leyre Santana León
Universidad Carlos III Madrid
Spanish Consumers‘ Perception of Functional Foods – A case study of Puleva Omega-3
Spanish Consumers‘ Perception of Functional Foods – A case study of Puleva Omega-3

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 2 1.1. Presentation of the Problem 2 1.1.1. Focus of our Study 2 1.2. Purpose of the Thesis 3 1.2.1. Research Question 3 1.3. Clarification of the Main Concepts 3 1.4. Structure of the Thesis 4
2. Methodology and Theory 5 2.1. Methodology 5 2.1.1. Research Design 5 2.2. Method 8 2.3. Research Techniques 8 2.3.1. Laddering 8 2.3.2. Questionnaire 10
3. Potential Conclusions 14 3.1. Recommendations to the Ebro Puleva Company 16
Appendices 17
Appendix 1 – Types of functional food. 17
Appendix 2 – SWOT Analysis of PO-3. 17
Appendix 3 – Purposes of Mixed Methods Research. 18
Appendix 4 – Hypothetical Laddering Interview + MEC 19
Appendix 5 – The Questionnaire Design. 20
Bibliography 32

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Consumers increasingly believe that what they eat directly affects their state of health (Mollet and Rowland, 2002). Foods are no longer intended to only satisfy hunger and provide vital nutrients; they are also called upon to improve the general condition of the body (e.g. pre- and probiotics) and mental well-being, as well as to prevent nutrition-related diseases (e.g.…...

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