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Journey in Spain
Builds Up My Dream for Whole Life
Two years ago, I participated in a one-month summer program in Spain. At first, I took part in this program because of my curiousness about this country and my eagerness to improve my Spanish. To my astonishment, however, this journey brought me a surprising gift——a dream that I will pursue for my whole life: I want to learn as many languages as I can when travelling around the world.
My dream sprouted in the special natural landscape of Spain. In the first two weeks, I was shocked by its wonderful landscapes—rolling mountains, deep blue and powerful Atlantic Ocean, dazzling and warm sunshine… Those fantastic views stimulate my interest in exploring more wonderful scenes around Spain, or even more, around the world. I was sure plentiful wonders were waiting for me to experience.
In addition, Spain is all the more fascinating for its unique artistic achievement in the fields of literature, dancing, architectures, and more many. In the following two weeks I paid a visit to Sagrada Familia, the museum of Picasso and Casa Batlló. These masterpieces make this country mysterious with the sense of humanism. After that, I decided that I would be back one day exploring them more deeply. Furthermore, I was looking forward to more human landscapes worldwide. At this moment, my dream took shape roughly.
To understand these landscapes thoroughly, learning Spanish is very important, for it is the basic tool to read and to listen. In Spain, few people can speak English well let alone Chinese.
Once I lost myself in León. I asked one passer-by, “Could you please tell me where we are now?”
“Lo siento. No te entiento.” (Sorry, I cannot understand you) Said the passer-by.
“¿Dónde estoy? ’’ (Where I am?) “Estamos en la Calle Ancha.” (We are in Ancha Road.)
This warm-hearted passer-by spoke fast. His speed challenged my listening of Spanish, which stirred up my urge to learn Spanish better. The experience got me thinking: how I could get help if I lost in other place without speaking local languages? The answer arouse in my mind at once: I would learn the local languages when I travel to one place. That’s how my dream formed.
I didn’t have dream until I had this journey in Spain. Now, I am doing my utmost in fulfilling my dream—learning English, Spanish and other languages in my spare time, and preparing for my career (money is very important for trips). I am sure I can achieve my dream.

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