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Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences 110 (2014) 130 – 139

Contemporary Issues in Business, Management and Education 2013

New HR organizational structures in Czech and Slovak organizations
Marek Striteskya* a University of Econonics, Prague, W. Churchill Sq. 4, 130 67 Prague, Czech Republic

Abstract The paper deals with Human Resource Organizational Structures in Czech and Slovak organizations, reflecting new trends which are related to HR Business Partner model. HR organizational structure is the framework within a human resources department that divides the decision making functions within HR into specific groups with distinct job functions. HR Business Partner model reflects modern expectations arising from new roles of human resources managers in organizations which include its strategic consequences, change support and also its abilities of HR systems development and improvement of employee engagement. The paper in its first part describes basic principles of new roles of human resource departments in organizations based on HRBP concept and also new competencies required. In the second part the paper presents situation in these aspects in organizations from different sectors of the Czech and Slovak economy (especially secondary and tertiary sector), benefits of the HR department transformation and some conclusions drawn from the analysis of data obtained from qualitative and quantitative survey. It also compares specific situations and documents specific applications of these new trends with more or less developed HR organizational structures. The contribution of the paper can be seen in practical view of theoretical concepts which constitute HR Business Partner model by Dave Ulrich and specific applications determined by human resources department transformation in Czech and Slovak...

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