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Special Needs Population

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Careers and Accessibility for the Blind
The world of for blind individuals is one of daily goals and attaining normality, and still today there are many people that view individuals who are blind as handicapped or unable to function normally. However with improvements in technology there are actually more jobs than ever that visually impaired people can now do. According to the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) the range of jobs can include “lawyers, teachers, counselor, computer programmer, and even food service workers (American Foundation for the Blind. (2012)”. With the use of voicemail or voice messages instead of paper or email messages, speech recognition, and scanners or Braille keyboards on computers make the daily tasks easier and more convenient today.
Another area that many blind individuals are now able to look at for supporting themselves and/or their families would be home based businesses where they are able to run their company via the use of the internet and communication tools that are easy for them and the people that work for them. With the internet, and the endless possibilities available for an aspiring entrepreneur things such as either being able to get to and from work or having to learn new skills is much less of a problem.
In most cases for a blind individual a common hurdle they face is moving around in the world, and more importantly is moving around in the outside world without assistance from another person. In some situations it’s been found that in one way or another even if they don’t realize that they are doing it blind people will use echolocation to help avoid obstacles in the world. There is now a program that is being used in research to attempt to increase the use of echoes for blind people, and in one case it’s being called “Flash Sonar” (Kish, D. (2011). The basis of flash sonar is the use of either tongue clicks...

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