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Specialized Population

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Why specialized population distrust the united state health care system To begin with elements that are part of distrust in the health care system Are also seen as specialized population. These groups of individuals that fit in this category are the homeless, rural areas, underserved, immigrants, and the disable or handicap, elderlies and the mental disorders individual that have the most impact in getting health care or receiving health services, medical treatment for their illness, diseases and preventive care needs. Secondly, what elements contribute to this disadvantage populations in having distrust issues in the health care system? Are discrimination acts or indifferences in cultural diversity, poverty or classification asset level, unaware or in alerted to public safety and health services, uninform of current illness or diseases affecting society their signs or symptoms of this medical conditions. Also lack of communication barriers and challenges, and lack to access to health care and medical treatment because of inefficiency and miscommunication or misinform do to communication barriers and cultural differences. These effects are community, society and populations in many ways because many deaths could be avoided or prevented if we would reach out to the underprivileged or underclass and set aside our indifferences or disbelief and treat them as any other human being with respect , integrity, and dignity. all humans deserve to be informed ,treated equally and with fairness. "Promote High-Value, Safe, and Effective Health Care,Secure and Expand Health Insurance Coverage, Eliminate Health Disparities Promote Prevention and Wellness, Help Americans Achieve and Maintain Healthy Weight,Prevent and Reduce Tobacco Use Support the National HIV/AIDS Strategy, Put Children and Youth on the Path for Successful Futures, Promote Early Childhood Health and…...

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Position Paper classified into two categories: macro-inventions and micro-inventions. Macro-inventions are technological advancements of sufficient importance that dramatically change the production process. Micro-inventions are minute alterations to preexisting forms of capital that serve to enhance or improve its performance. There is a great debate, specifically concerning the British Industrial Revolution, over whether successful technological change is based on breakthrough inventions or small, incremental improvements to known techniques. With changes in technology and the workforce came the centralization of employees. Centralizing the workforce dramatically changed the basic functions of a family and the household. Families adopted a new specialized lifestyle in which they had to adhere to the schedule of the factory. The in industrial revolution can be defined through a three pronged sequence of change: a small sector economy that underwent drastic technological change, as a consequence this sector grew exponentially, and this growing and advancing economy spread to surrounding sectors allowing for trade to occur. Technological change has helped provide the necessary stepping stone to further develop the workplace and by extension expedite the emergence of factories. The obvious connection between technological advances and the emergence of the factory system can best be exemplified through the relationship between Newcomen’s and Watt’s steam engines. Thomas Newcome invented......

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Pharmacy Building Plan within the Memphis metropolitan population, we will establish the Apothecary Compounding Center on the campus of Baptist Memorial Hospital.  Our goal is to cater to patients in this area that need individualized medication regimens and want a close relationship with their pharmacist. As we develop our business, we want to focus on maximizing the safety and efficacy of our compounded products.  We will utilize the Professional Compounding Centers of America, or PCCA, in order to help accomplish this goal.  This organization offers many important benefits to compounding pharmacies in all stages of their development.  Our employees will be trained by PCCA, which will hone their working knowledge of USP <797>, crucial guidelines that every compounding pharmacy must follow.  In addition to training, PCCA will serve as our supplier, which will ensure quality products with which to compound.  Furthermore, we will have access to numerous formulas that are specific to PCCA, which will greatly benefit our operation.              The number of patients needing compounded prescriptions has risen in recent years, and we aim to capitalize on this growing demand. Our patient population will largely consist of patients from the clinics of Baptist, but we hope to expand our patient base to include anyone that could benefit from our unique approach to compounding; we are willing to expand our supply of compounded products as our patient population grows and changes. Most......

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