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Executive Summary The company is among the few American manufacturers, which is an important strength in the company’s marketing strategy. Many companies and consumers who purchase retail products for resale, or personal use are skeptical about the quality of their products. Hence, the fact that the company is American provides some security for the consumers and makes the company product more attractive. The ‘Made in America” brand is also a major selling point for companies and individuals outside the United States. Many countries trust the American market and associate these companies with quality. The company also has a history, which it uses as part of its work ethic and company culture. The success of the company is not a coincidence as there are several elements of the company culture and history that make it one of the remaining manufactures in the country. The essay is a brief summary of the different elements and structure of the organization. The company is an active employer in the community with twenty thousand employees. As an employer in the community, the government and other related organizations have a favorable relationship towards the company. Each of the plants has six thousand six hundred and sixty-seven employees. The company has a very efficient HR department, which is among the reasons it has managed to attain a loyal and dedicated workforce. Furthermore, to ensure that the employees are competent, the company provides each of the new employees with a thirty day on the job training period. The new employees receive a slighter lower salary during this period; however, their working hours are less. After this training period, the employees are put on a three-month trial probation period. In addition, the workers must create reports twice a month on their working hours and production levels. The company also provides training for seasoned employees when there are new technologies introduced to the company. The training in this instance is in the form of workshops. Though the training is less strictly monitored, all employees are obliged to visit the workshops. The company utilizes the staffing level and hierarchy as a motivational strategy for the employee. The benefits in the company are also intended to increase company loyalty among the employees. There is a bonus for each employee for every year spent with the companies regardless of one’s position. Hence, the longer one remains loyal to the company the higher the bonus package he receives. Furthermore, individuals who stay longer than five years with the company receive free holiday packages along with a paid vacation. The channel of communication for the employees is also another positive attribute of the company. The CEOs of the company implemented a policy that enables employees to have different communication channels with their superiors. Each employee in the company can approach any supervisor or manager directly with his or her problem. There is also a union in the company that is usually the main channel of negotiation between the personnel and the employers. Hence, such approaches motivate the workforce and further allow the prompt resolution of any problems in the company concerning the employees. Freedom Industries has one of the highest employee satisfaction rates in the country. The company makes an effort to move forwards with modern technology. There is an evaluation of equipment on a monthly basis to ensure that even the current machinery is working efficiently. In addition, the code compliance team works to ensure the safety of the employees operating the machinery. The company attempts to take all necessary precautions even with the machinery as everything is under insurance in case of any accidents. The company also has a technical team that constantly researches on new technological developments in the industry. In terms of industrial activity, the company is in favor of the green movement. The company attempts to compensate for any damage to the environment during the manufacturing process by taking many precautions.


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