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Speech on Pet Peves

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Pet Peeves
We all have that one thing that really tests our limits and pushes our buttons. One of my biggest pet peeves is the use of cell phones in inappropriate times and places.
With all the new upgrades in technology people seemed to forget how to communicate without the constant use of cell phones. I am not again cell phone use I just believe there is a time and place for everything. For instance being in the hospitality industry I have served many tables who will talk on the phone as they are trying to place their order. There are some that will even make you wait for 5 minutes while their talking on the phone before they even acknowledge your presence. I feel it’s best to either wait until you leave the restaurant or have your phone call before entering rather than to take up my time when I have other tables.
Another inappropriate time to be on the cell phone is while you’re working . Being a lead server as well as a former assistant manager I hate seeing employees in the back texting or even worse, doing in guests view. I feel that if someone is paying you to do something you should have enough respect to give them your full attention and best effort. Cell phones in the work environment is a huge distraction because there are plenty of things you could be doing to make your work flow much easier but never gets done because people would much rather put their time into their own personal conversations.
The fact that we today have so much technological advances is fantastic but is very much abused and taken advantage of. There is always a time and place for cell phone usage and should they should be...

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