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.Girl: Babe do you love me?
Boy: Yeah.
Girl: Well, let me see your phone.
Boy: No, you good.
Girl: But I thought you loved me.
Boy: You don’t trust me?
Let’s stop right here, I used this as an example because I hear this most coming from couples, especially African Americans. Situations like this for example can cause a relationship to downfall. Who wants to be questioned about their love, their trust, their loyalty to their spouse? A woman should know that she is loved by her man and a man should know that he is trusted by his woman. In HEALTHY relationships you should not have to question you man or woman. I have 4 steps to a healthy relationship: Friendship, Communication, Trust, and seeing a future together.
FRIENDSHIP is a good way to start out a relationship, and it’s been said that it is even better to start off as friends first. Can you see yourself being in a relationship with that you can’t even be friends with? Even though the “getting to know each other” process can be annoying, it’s worth the wait and you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into. Ask all you can ask. Instead of rushing the relationship, give it time so you can build something that will last, the longer the friendship, the longer the relationship, you’ll know what you’re in for.
COMMUNICATION, some people think communication is what makes a relationship and it does but good communication is about sacrifices, and when I say sacrifices I mean being able to let each other know when you don’t want to be bothered or telling them when you want to spend time with your friends. A relationship with no communication is like a chicken sandwich with no chicken, useless. When communicating, be in tune with one another. Also, don’t put your relationship on a social network. There are some people that are looking to see you fall, so keep it behind closed doors.
TRUST in relationships is very important, but not only trust, loyalty and respect. You have to build trust with your spouse. Don’t question your spouse everywhere they go, but as a woman I’ll probably do the same as others. It’s a part of communication. Also, don’t say you have “trust issues”, everyone does NOT have trust issues, and if some people did they would not be jumping in and out relationships. Don’t bring old relationship problems into a new one, all man and women are NOT the same, but you’re relationship continues to happen like the last, you need to build one with God. Trust should build on the nature of you and your significant other friendship and then everything shall fall into place.
SEEING A FUTURE TOGETHER is what i feel to be most important and another reason why a friendship should be built before a relationship. You should learn a person’s short and long term goals plus their ambitions, if theirs match yours that is a chance to build something big and also bring you together for something special. If you can’t see the person you’re trying to connect with in your future, leave them where they’re at it will only bring unhappiness. Don’t try to make something with someone who doesn’t want to make it with you.
In ending, a relationship is built off of friendship, considered by communication, earned by respect falls into loyalty, built top of trust, and if you can see a future with the man/woman they’re probably the one for you, plus include God into your relationship, cause all the prayers you will be praying after the arguments you will need him.

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