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Speech # 3 – Personal Interest Speech 4-6 minutes

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Objectives: ➢ To expand effective delivery technique and to have the opportunity to speak on a topic of personal interest with high rate of success.

➢ To incorporate the use of a presentation aid as support material into your public speaking.

➢ To build confidence in Public Speaking through an assignment that draws on speaker’s personal interest in music, literature, or an object of significant meaning in the speaker’s life.

Each student must choose a favorite song, piece of literature, or object he or she feels (1) has a personally significant message; (2) expresses an idea representative of his or her generation or culture; and (3) explains something that is important and relevant to society. In this speech, the speaker must consider him/herself a “teacher” (an informative speaker sharing information with your audience). A topical organizational pattern is suggested for this speech.

OPTION ONE: This option requires you to choose a favorite song. Included in the speech must be: (1) a description of the song (e.g., composer/lyricist, its musicality, a description of the artist); (2) the song’s theme and its relevance to the class and/or society; (3) an oral interpretation of a section from the song; (4) the student's personal reaction to the song (i.e., why you chose it); and (5) an audio or visual portion of the song to be played for the audience as an audio aid to support the verbal message shared. Speakers are required to effectively prepare, organize and deliver a speech advocating WHY this song is important or culturally relevant while successfully employing audio, and perhaps, visual aids and basic oral interpretation techniques. With the Topic Outline, a complete copy of the lyrics to the song must also be submitted for approval by instructor.

OPTION TWO: This option requires that you choose piece of literature of significant meaning. Included in the speech must be: (1) a description of the literature (e.g. genre, social conditions externally influencing the art); (2) the literature’s theme and its relevance to the class and/or society; (3) an oral interpretation of a section from the literature as support material for the verbal message shared; and (4) the student's personal reaction to the literature (i.e., why you chose it). Students are required to effectively prepare, organize and deliver a speech advocating WHY this literature is important to them personally, and why it is thematically and/or culturally relevant. Speakers should consider the value of presentation aids and use them to enhance the verbal message.

OPTION THREE: This option requires that you choose an object that has significant meaning in your life, and one that could have meaning to society. Included in the speech must be: (1) a description of the object; (2) the speaker’s personal relationship with the object (i.e., why you chose to share it); and (3) the object’s possible relevance to the audience and/or society as a whole; and (4) use of the object as a visual aid. Speakers are required to effectively prepare, organize and deliver a speech advocating WHY this object is important to them personally, and why it may be culturally relevant, and incorporate the object as a presentation aid.

A TO (Topic Outline) will be collected and returned with feedback before the speech is presented. (See Course Breakdown for DUE date.) The PO (Preparation Outline) will also be due as listed in Course Breakdown. You will use a SO (Speaking Outline) during delivery of the speech and submit the SO following delivery of your speech. (See Chapter 11 to assist in preparing these vital parts of the presentation). All versions of the outline must be computer-generated.

In a sense, we are each at the center of our own private universe. As a result, we often turn our attention inward, attempting to know and understand ourselves more effectively in relation to others. With the external clues provided by this project, you can gain self-awareness, self-knowledge, and ideas about your abilities and attitudes, while at the same time you expand the audience's knowledge and frame of reference.

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