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EVAN 500
SEPTEMBER 30, 2012

Spiritual health means that we are alive and vibrant in Christ. For that, we need some disciplines to help us stay on the right track, focused on God and not on our own problems or distractions. Jesus sets an example for us of how to boost our spiritual health. He engaged in spiritual disciplines such as discipleship, worship and fasting. Both my personal and spiritual health were good but have improved.
At the beginning of the term my personal and ministry growth were limited to the perspective of the leaders I studied under. Since I have started this class my personal and ministry spiritual growth has been enriched. I have been enlightened in the areas of fasting, living a crucified life, discipleship, worship, and revival.
Though fasting has been a key factor in my personal and ministry growth, I had never been introduced to the concept of keeping a fasting journal. I have participated in personal fast for healing as well as a ministry fast for God to increase membership. During both fasts I would mediate on God’s word and pray. This concept that Towns reveals in his book, Fasting for Spiritual Break Through, has been a tool that has contribute to my personal and ministry growth. As I began to follow the guidelines that Towns provided for a fasting journal I gained insights about my current tribulation that I am going through. I was able to take my eyes off of my circumstances and focus on the lessons that God is teaching me during this tribulation. Towns points out one of the benefits of a fasting journal, “It provides a means of recording important lessons God is daily teaching” (218).

Before the start of the term I understood living a crucified life to be attending church on Sunday, fasting, and praying. To live a crucified life goes beyond these…...

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