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Splendid Wedding

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Executive Summary
Cathey Newsome is a happily married young woman who has aspired to create her own independent internet website called that features two related business segments, having the potential to attract local wedding related clientele and other available services to newlyweds. Cathey is described as creative, ambitious and well motivated, having been involved with a wide variety of entry level jobs that taught her the skills of web design.
Cathey‘s business background ranged from client proposals to social media with an emphasis in website design. She had acquired most if her knowledge by onsite training from her peers, as she had never held a high-level marketing position. She lacked specific training in promotion, selling and advertising that are basic to understanding market dynamics and necessary to operate a successful business platform. She felt that in spite of her limitations, her husband’s business experience would create winning formula for their newly combined career path.
Weddings are big business (Earn money as a professional wedding coordinator). In order to launch an online wedding business, marketers must be highly organized (ibid.). The wedding industry is a people business; hence marketers must master diplomacy by possessing excellent communication skills (ibid.). Apart from having a solid knowledge/skill base of applied information, marketers must able to understand bride psychology, including her anxiety and stress, in order to work well with your client (ibid.). Both knowledge application and the ability to connect with potential clientele (market psychology), are essential ingredients in order to operate a successful online wedding site. The plan is to offer a wide array of services with a price for internet advertising. The possibilities were unlimited but initially required a draft marketing plan...

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