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Individual Assignment: Is it Time to Split Up HR?
Mind the Talent Management Gap: HR-A and HR-LO

Human Resources has gone through ever-evolving changes over the years. They have been transitioning from transactional to becoming a strategic business partner with the high level executives of businesses. They are moving towards becoming the corporate centers of excellence by developing the right metric and analytics, the right talent and understanding how much human capital impacts successful business results. This paper analyzes the trends, contributions, skills and challenges that HR professionals have been and are going through to become the effective Strategic Partner.

Mind the Talent Management Gap: HR-A versus HR-LO
Ram Charan, a worldwide business adviser and speaker, suggests to eliminate the position of Chief Human Resources Officer and split human resources into 2 strands for the sake of practicality in helping HR build business intelligence to help organizations perform best. One strand would be called something like HR-A for administration, would manage compensation and benefits, and report to the CFO. This strand would view compensation to attract talent and not just a large cost. The other strand would be called something like HR-LO for leadership and organization, would focus on talent development and performance and report to the CEO. High potential line managers from operations or finance with business expertise and people skills would lead HR-LO. Leading employees from HR-LO would build their experience by developing people, judge the company’s inner workings and link social systems to financial performance. After years of experience in HR-LO, these high potentials would move into better management jobs and their time in HR-LO would be seen as a developmental step. (Charan, 2104)
Pros and Cons
There are many positive…...

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