Sport England: Segmenting the British Sport Market

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1) Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how Sports England has segmented the sports market?

In order to understand the British people’s attitudes and motivations about sports, Sport England has built 19 sporting segments all around the United Kingdom to target its customers in the sports market.

In the segmentation process Sport England worked closely with Experian Business Strategies consulting group. Sport England along with the help of the Experian Group analysed data of the English people aged 18 and older. They collected and collated information about specific sports involvement; desire to do sports and the obstacles they faced in doing sports. The analysis further included the collection of data on media consumption and communication channels, social capital, health indicators, and involvement in wider cultural activities.

Sport England completed this survey with the collaboration of Action People Survey. This was one of the largest ever sports survey conducted and carried out in Europe by the company. The survey provided Sport England with the levels of participation of people in different groups in the community specifically.

The company had designed the questionnaire to find out and analyze the broad range of demographic information, such as people’s genders, social classes, ethnicity, household structures, ages and disabilities.

Their survey also included how involved people in each segment were in other recreational activities. This segmentation process allowed them to understand the top sports that people want to involve themselves in and helped them to identify the characteristics of their target groups for projects and initiatives.

An example of their successful market segmentation policy is South Gloucestershire Leisure’s reopening of a refurbished leisure center in the year 2007. With the help of their market…...