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PSYC 101 SEC 1
Sport Psychology Sport psychology is simply the psychology that goes with athletic activity and exercise. This subfield of psychology is used mostly with athletes and coaches to test the athletes speed, agility and improve his or her motivation. This paper will provide some insight on how this subfield of psychology came to be, some examples of certain topics discussed and researched as well as some examples of research still used today. First let us begin on the history of sport psychology. Sport psychology is a relatively new subfield of psychology dating back to the 1920s. A psychologist by the name of Coleman Griffith organized the first American sport psychology laboratory at UIC. After a few years, in the 1930s the laboratory got shut down due to insufficient funding. This did not stop Coleman Griffith when he consulted with professional sports teams like the Chicago Cubs. Meanwhile three men from Stanford University, B.C. Graves, Walter Miles and football coach Glenn Warner, all created and experiment to find the fastest way to get the offense to run together once the center hikes the ball. Miles created a durable chronoscope to …show more content…
The imagery topic refers to the act of visualizing the specific task needed to be done to be successful or to visualize the performance of a special skill. Motivation refers to the extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. Extrinsic motivators are expressed externally such as medals and social recognition whereas intrinsic motivators are expressed internally such as the competitive side of an athlete that wants to win or the pride from being successful. The topic of attentional focus refers to the ability to concentrate solely on the task at hand rather than be distracted by a screaming fans. Now let us focus on the research used in sports psychology and the types of research still in use

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