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Sports Fans as Consumers

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1. Introduction
Today, the commercialisation of sports is developing gradually in a way that not only is importance given to manage sportsmen, but the preferences of consumers are being closely looked into before any decisions are made as well. Organisations, as a whole, face implications when it comes to fulfilling both of their needs evenly in order to be certain that the respective sports industry will continue to be stable and sustainable. Therefore, it is crucial for these organisations to explore the characteristics of their target market and acquire a deeper knowledge of their interests and preferences. As such, this report will explore and highlight the unique characteristics of sports fans as consumers, discuss the implications of sports marketing that may be faced by organisations and lastly be finished off with a personal reflection.

2. Sports fans as consumers
People are known to be fans when they are seen to develop a diehard interest in a particular subject. It could involve sports, authors, musicians, celebrities and so on. According to Reysen and Branscombe (2010), a person can be considered a fan when they become passionate and enthusiastic about their particular interest and show loyalty to it. Both sports fans and normal spectators may share similar characteristics however, there are various factors which would clearly differentiate fans from spectators. For example, their degree of loyalty, commitment, emotional significance and value to the supporting clubs as well as their devotion in the total number of times they show up for games throughout the season (Dionisio & Leal, 2008).
In regards to the implications of sports fans as consumers, it is essential to learn about the basic needs and consumption basis of humans first. Overall consumer behaviours are mentioned to be closely associated to the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (Hendon,...

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