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The Belt Fly Fishers is a nonprofit club associated with Trout Unlimited and was founded as a means by which to maintain a healthy and sustainable wild trout population in the local waters. It is also a social club where members can contribute to other members and guests their knowledge of fishing techniques, fly patterns, and river etiquette at monthly meetings. It is also a forum for discussing problems such as fishing, pressure, diseases, and river and stream access and providing input to federal and state agencies. It funds local projects through an annual banquet/auction fundraiser.

Fundraising Plan for The Belt Fly Fishers
A case statement is the rationale and justification of any fundraising event. The rationale behind this fundraiser is to hopefully make enough money to:
1) Provide funds for various local projects to protect rivers and streams, provide access, provide signage at access points, etc.
2) Provide seed money for next year’s fundraiser. As a nonprofit organization, Belt Fly Fishers can justify their fundraiser as a means to provide an entertaining evening to members and the public, increase public awareness of the port and the need to maintain a healthy environment for trout and other species, and to raise funds for projects associated with these goals.
3) Support Trout Unlimited.
SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is somewhat limited for a small nonprofit organization, but some strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and strategies can be listed.

Small, organization simplified
Members with variety of expertise
Motivation high love of sport

Small, not politically powerful by itself
Limited fund for high level speakers
Board members are volunteers, limited time for multiple fundraisers

Fly fishing population growing
More private individuals and agencies requesting…...