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The Belt Fly Fishers is a nonprofit club associated with Trout Unlimited and was founded as a means by which to maintain a healthy and sustainable wild trout population in the local waters. It is also a social club where members can contribute to other members and guests their knowledge of fishing techniques, fly patterns, and river etiquette at monthly meetings. It is also a forum for discussing problems such as fishing, pressure, diseases, and river and stream access and providing input to federal and state agencies. It funds local projects through an annual banquet/auction fundraiser.

Fundraising Plan for The Belt Fly Fishers
A case statement is the rationale and justification of any fundraising event. The rationale behind this fundraiser is to hopefully make enough money to:
1) Provide funds for various local projects to protect rivers and streams, provide access, provide signage at access points, etc.
2) Provide seed money for next year’s fundraiser. As a nonprofit organization, Belt Fly Fishers can justify their fundraiser as a means to provide an entertaining evening to members and the public, increase public awareness of the port and the need to maintain a healthy environment for trout and other species, and to raise funds for projects associated with these goals.
3) Support Trout Unlimited.
SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis is somewhat limited for a small nonprofit organization, but some strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, and strategies can be listed.

Small, organization simplified
Members with variety of expertise
Motivation high love of sport

Small, not politically powerful by itself
Limited fund for high level speakers
Board members are volunteers, limited time for multiple fundraisers

Fly fishing population growing
More private individuals and agencies requesting projects
Trout Unlimited becoming national force for change/Utilize Trout Unlimited’s power
Membership incentives
Chose critical projects

Encourage experts to donate time
Match member expertise and projects
Become active politically

Land owners refusing to abide by current laws
Legislators attempting to change environmental/access laws
Board and member

Work directly with landowners by using member expertise (other land owners)
Advocate at state capitol
Be current on laws and detrimental proposals
Use member expertise (attorneys) to fight political threats

WT Strategies
Elect motivated individuals
The Organization
The organizational development of The Belt Fly Fishers is the same as the development of the fundraisers. There is a board of ten members; a president, vice-president, treasurer, secretary, and six at large members. This same board becomes the fundraiser committee. A fundraiser chairman is elected from the ten board members. He will ask individuals from the board or even from the member base to specific categories of tasks to complete prior to the banquet/auction. Fundraiser meetings are scheduled independent of board meetings, but both board meetings and fundraiser meetings are often scheduled in conjunction with each other to evaluate progress.
Goals for the Fundraiser Since this is theoretical organization, we can assume that The Belt Fly Fishers has had similar fundraisers in the past, but on a smaller scale. This fundraiser hopes to expand participation, expand funding opportunities, and deliver more profit than the past. In the past, this club has raised $5000-$6000 net profit with a very limited event. The fundraising opportunities at this banquet/auction are as follows:
1) A sit down (not buffet) banquet 3 course meal
2) A silent auction (art, fishing products, jewelry, etc.)
3) A live auction (high end art, rods, trips, etc.)
4) A 50-50 raffle
5) Logo engraved beer mugs
6) Membership incentives at the banquet
7) Membership logo baseball (fishing) hats
The funding goals for this fundraiser are to seat 300 people at 35-38 tables and to double the past year net profit to between $11000 and $13000. As this is a nonprofit organization without and explicit need to for an exact amount of profit, the profit made determines the number and scope of projects.
The proposed funding analysis is given below, with expected costs, revenue, and profits: Cost Expected Return Expected Profit
Banquet $6000 $7500 $1500
Silent Auction $3000 $6000 $3000
Live Auction $1000 $6500 $5500
50-50 Raffle $0 $500 $250 (50-50)
General Raffle $0 $1200 $1200
Beer Mugs $100 $400 $300
Membership $0 $900 $900
Fishing Caps $100 $300 $200
Auctioneer $500 $0 ($500)
Models* $300 $0 ($300)
Pay as you go bar $0 $0 $0 (Hotel profit)

Total $11000 $23300 $12050

*The models are local female students who sell raffle tickets, 50-50 tickets, and present art in live auction.

Marketing and Promotion The marketing and promotion for the fundraiser is basic for a small organization. Fliers are posted in store fronts and sporting goods stores. Any members traveling to other towns and cities in Montana take fliers with them. The local newspaper prints and ad the week before the event as a donation. The only new form of promotion was a videotaped commercial with the president and two board members dressed in waders and with rods and reels giving the basic details of the event. Local stations aired the ad for free for the month prior to the event.
Timeline for Fundraiser The following is a basic timeline for the proposed fundraiser. It is important to note that donations can be key to profit in a banquet/auction event. More valuable donations mean more profit and fewer costs to the club
3 months prior: o Artists contacted to submit works o Major retailers, fly fishing catalogs, rod makers, etc. contracted for donations o Local businesses contacted for donations o Auctioneer contacted

2 months prior:

o Re-contact all above businesses o Beer mugs ordered. Engraver contacted o Log given to hat retailer, beer mug engraver o Models contacted

1 month to 1 week prior:

o Menu selected – salad, stuffed pork chops, chocolate mousse o Donated items inventoried o Art inventoried and categorized o Mugs delivered o Hats delivered o Raffle tickets, 50-50 tickets delivered o Any club purchased items inventoried

Fundraiser night:

o Host welcomes crowd o Silent auction opens o Models sell tickets o 1st course served – salad o Silent auction continues o Models sell tickets o Main course served o Tickets sales end o Host announces closing of sections of silent auctions o Items 1-10, 11-20, etc. at staggered times o Desert served o All of silent auction closes o Live auction begins o During live auction, winning raffle tickets printed and passed out. Silent auction winners pick up items o 50-50 winner announced during live auction o Live auction ends o Event closes


As I have mentioned in this class, we have been to a number of fundraisers, a few for fly fishing and many wine tasters with hors d’oeuvres with no place to sit, all of which could be expanded to be more entertaining, comfortable, and profitable. This is an imaginary banquet/auction fundraiser I have thought about for a while. While fly fisherman in Montana have limited expendable income, this template in a large city for different causes and with an upscale clientele could, I believe, be very successful.

References Stier, W. F., Jr. (2011). Fundraising and promotion for sport and recreation programs (3rd ed.). Boston, MA: American Press.

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