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There can be great times being on a school sports team but, there can also be clashes with-in teams.

Being on a school sports team helps students learn many things including teamwork, leadership but, most important you learn and accept your peers’ diversities Being on a school sports team does not mean just working out, you can also learn many valuable lessons. There are pros about being on a school sports team, it is fun and you have time of your own plus, you have time for other things as well but, there are also cons about being on a sports team, for example; a teammate may consider himself better than everyone else or, you must rely on others to succeed and continuous reasons. Being on a team can be good but, it can also be troublesome. Now keep in mind that you should pick a position; it is time for you to decide if it is good or bad for the following reasons.

Being on a school team can be great because you have time for yourself but, it also takes time off the other responsibilities you may have.

Yes, you may think that being on the soccer team or, basketball team is amazing and you have time for yourself. When you are home you are always too busy doing your homework and never

have any time to yourself, Now that you are on one of the sports team in your school, you have that time to show everyone what you are capable of doing, because you have been waiting for that moment.

Then again, think about this, you are way too caught up in your practices that now; all you do is practice, go home and then you are too exhausted to do your everyday responsibilities’! Your mother and father work everyday and are just as tired as you are, possibly even more! What is worst of all they get home and their job still is not over! they work and they still come back to the house to do all the chores that you needed to do! How awful is that? Your...

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