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Abstract Learning and researching about my culture background has given me the purpose of who I am and where I want to go in life. Everything to the Navajo is very sacred and interrelated. Being a Native American of the Navajo tribe, I have identified my clanship; I have a purpose on this beautiful spiritual journey on this corn pollen road.

Spiritual Journey In our way of life, the Navajo way of living, we have to know where we come from and where we are going in life. The first time I had ever heard of the Hero Twins story was from a medicine man. Long ago, a woman named changing woman had given birth to twins. During the day, they would play outside of their Hogan, with their mother, changing woman, watching over them to make sure they were safe from the monsters. One day, one of the monsters wanted changing woman for himself because he thought she was childless and went to their home, changing woman quickly hid her twins. When the monster asked “whose footprints are these”? Changing woman lied saying she made them herself, as she made prints with her hand and fingers, saying she is very lonely and wanted to make it look like someone has been coming to visit. As the hero twins got older and wiser, they started asking their mother who their father was. Changing woman kept saying you have no father. Eventually, changing woman finally gave in and told them if you really want to know who your father is, you must travel east to find your father. Changing woman told them they must go to Huerfano Mountain. So the twins started their journey to find their father. When they got to Huerfano Mountain, they met Spider woman, tobacco man and talking god. The hero twins told them their mother, changing woman, sent them this way to find their father. The twins said “we don’t know who are father is and because of that we don’t know who we are or where we are going”. The Spider woman said “your father is Sun”. They were told that they will be going through so many obstacles, trials and tribulations to find their father. The Spider woman gave them two hoops which had two life feathers and another to preserve their life. Those feathers came from the life of an eagle. The tobacco man gave them a piece of tobacco to take and was told to inhale the smoke and it becomes a part of you and when you exhale the smoke the prayers goes up to heaven. Talking God gave them some corn pollen and told them to put your hands down with corn pollen, your head with corn pollen. Then your feet, hands, body, mind, voice is corn pollen as you trudge this beautiful life of corn pollen journey. They were given songs of protection to help them as well. Spider woman told the hero twins that they will first cross some rocks that will try to crush you. Then you will come across reeds that will try to cut you up into pieces. And with some cactuses that will try to tear you up and finally you will come across boiling sands that will try to drown you. So, off they went towards the west to find their father, Sun. As they went through these obstacles, they sang songs of protection from all four directions. When they got to the house of their father, a woman answered the door and asked who are you? The twins said “we come from Huerfano Mountain and came to seek help from our father, Sun”. As the woman was confused she wrapped them up in blankets and put them away to wait for the Sun to come home. As the Sun set, Sun came home and took his big bright glowing jacket off and hung it on the wall. Sun asked “who was here today” with no reply from his woman, he asked again. The woman said “I thought I was the only woman you have been seeing, if that’s so whose sons are these”? As she brought out the twins, the Sun said “no way have I had sons”. As he grabbed them and threw them across the room into the eastside of his house where sharp white shell stuck out, and again threw them towards the south where turquoise studs stuck out, then to the west with sharp abalone shell studs and last time to the north where jet black stuck out. By surprise the twins were not hurt at all. The Sun said “if you are my sons, I have another test for you”. He wanted to know if they can handle the heat of the sweat lodge. Down at the sweat lodge, the door faced east, the twins sat on the west side and the rocks were to be put on the north side. The first round started, Sun had put seven rocks that represents the seven days of the week. He got some water from the ocean and splashed the rocks and sang some entrance songs. Sun asked the twins “is it hot in there? Can you handle the heat”? The twins both said “it is okay father, it’s not too bad.” So then here comes the second round, this time Sun put in nine rocks that represents the nine months of being in their mother’s womb. As he splashed the rocks with ocean water he sang songs of all the sacred mountains. Again, Sun asked “is it hot enough’? The twins both said again, “no it’s okay father, it’s not too hot”. Sun asked “are you ready for the third round”? So for the third round, Sun put in twelve rocks that represents the twelve months of the year. As he splashed more ocean water on the rocks he sang the tobacco songs. And as with the other rounds it was not hot enough for the twins. So here comes the last and finally round. Round four, with huge big rocks that represents the four directions. Sun splashed more ocean water on all the rocks and sang protection songs. Sun again asked if it’s hot for them. And of course, the twins said “no it’s not hot enough”. As surprise, Sun asked them to come out of the sweat lodge, he told the twins I have one more test to see if you are truly my sons. Sun invited the twins inside his house and said we shall smoke tobacco. The tobacco was very strong and bitter, but because of the tobacco man giving them tobacco in the beginning of their journey and how songs were sung to protect these twins. The tobacco was sweet to the twins. Finally, Sun came to believe these twins are really his sons because of the three tests that they passed and proved to be that nobody was able to pass these kinds of tests unless you are part of the sun. As Sun finally accepted them as their sons, the twins were then shaped and massaged into a human being look. Because before Sun accepted them they had no features, they look like cave men with flat faces. These came with songs of beautification. Sun then asked the twins “what is it that you want”? The twins then said”there are monsters that are killing our people, we want these monsters destroyed”! So then father Sun gave the twins their names. Sun said” You are Monster Slayer” and gave him a lightning bolt with a bow. And to the other twin he said “You are Born for Water” and gave him a huge club with a spear. Sun also gave them both moccasins made of deer that went up to the knee, helmets made out of a mountain lion head, eagle feather and medicine bundles. Sun told them “You are now Hero Twins kill those monsters that have been killing your people”. When I heard this story, it has given me a new look on life. I am just amazed on how the Hero Twins have accomplished so many powerful things in life. With all the struggles, obstacles, trials and tribulations on becoming a warrior to defeat the monsters on the navajoland. Looking back on this story, I put myself in similar situations as to where I have many obstacles to become who I am today. I truly think you have to go through many trials and tribulations in order to live life!

Conclusion Today, I am grateful to be an indigenous tribe of the Navajo. I come from the east, Mt. Blanca. My clan is of the red bottom clan, born for the tangle clan. When I hear the first part of my clan I think of myself as a warrior that has a red streak on my cheek (face). Knowing where I come from, gives me this purpose in life of where I want to go. With my identity, I start my own spiritual journey on this beautiful road of the corn pollen. Learning from my best friend, he has taught me that our arms and feet have meaning, which is, your left is your mother of compassionate. The right is your father of fending for yourself. And your legs are your foundation which is your grandfather.

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