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Advanced Market Analysis and Strategy - MAR 6087

SPSS Analysis
PulteGroup, Inc. – South Florida Division

By: Scott Mairn and Irina Prell
November 30, 2012

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary
II. Company Overview
III. Research Objectives/Approach
IV. Sampling Description
V. Data Analysis and Interpretation
VI. Implications
VII. Conclusion and Future Direction

Executive Summary
This report will take a look the results from the Servqual survey research conducted for the PulteGroup, Inc. South Florida Division to analyze their service in September of 2012.
The objective of this research is to assess how the 5 factors of the Servqual survey affect the homeowners’ attitude towards service in PulteGroup communities. Each homeowner was asked questions consistent with the intentional model of Servqual instruments which are designed to measure reliability, responsiveness, assurance, apathy, and tangibles of a service.
SPSS software by IBM was used to analyze the results. The following methodologies were utilized:
• Attitudinal Scores
• Heavy Half Theory
• T-test
• Factor Analysis
• Multiple Regression Analysis
The third party management companies employed by PulteGroup in two communities, VillageWalk of Bonita Springs and VeronaWalk of Naples, delivered the survey to homeowners. We received 34 fully completed surveys, which were fully analyzed.
The results showed a wide range in attitude with scores ranging from 125 to 725. The heavy half segmentation was broad with 47% scoring above 600. The T-Test performed showed “Assurance” had the largest impact on the overall results in the heavy half segment. A factor analysis was done to take 22 variables and breaking them down into 5 variables. Assurance and responsiveness of staff showed the largest driver for PulteGroup and will provide a focus for improving their…...