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SQ3R Worksheet

1.) Survey- Surveying is the act of previewing, or prereading, a book before you actually read it or study it. You do this by skimming and scanning the entire book for keywords that may spark your interest in the contents. You also want to look for anything that seems significant in the book and analyze it for a better understanding later.
2.) Question- The questioning process allows you to be more interested in what you are reading so that you cannot wait to actually read it. To do this you must ask yourself what you already know about the subject and answer this question so that you have a good idea in your mind of what is going to occur. You must then ask yourself whatever questions you may have based on your surveying of the material so that they can be answered in the next step.
3.) Read- The reading process includes the actual reading of the content and looking back on the previous step to answer the questions you had from the surveying of the table of contents and the chapter headers. While reading you will want to identify the main idea of the text and you then link the other ideas in the book with that idea for a fuller understanding. It would also be beneficial to mark or highlight any areas that may seem important.
4.) Recite- Recite is the step where you will answer your questions that you had again so that these answers are retained in your memory so that you actually learned the material. The best time to do this step is before you begin a new text section, you do not want to wait too long or you will forget what you have read. It is beneficial to write things down to later use as a reference to study or reread so you make sure the material has sunk in.
5.) Review- “Reviewing is the key to learning.” The reviewing process is beneficial especially in a scholastic setting so that you will memorize, comprehend, and eventually learn your material. It is important to review each chapter as you go and also the entire reading material and highlighted areas in the days after reading so that the maximum amount of information is retained.

Carter, C., Bishop, J., & Kravits, S.L. (2012). Key to Success. Retrieved from UOPX US-101 Course Materials.

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