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Which of the following SQL statements will create a new role named PRCLERK?
A) CREATE prclerk;
B) CREATE ROLE prclerk;
C) CREATE ROLE prclerk ON payroll;
D) CREATE ROLE prclerk WITH SELECT ANY TABLE PRIVILEGE; Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | B |

The asterisk symbol (*) can be used in a SELECT statement to indicate that all rows in the table should be displayed in the results.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | False |

An index is implicitly created when a NOT NULL constraint is added to a table.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | False |

Commands used to modify data are called ____ commands.
A) data control language (DCL)
B) data manipulation language (DML)
C) data modification language (DML)
D) data definition language (DDL) Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | B |

SQL*Plus can only be accessed via an internet interface.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | False |

The DISTINCT keyword can be used to indicate that duplicate data should be suppressed in the results of a query.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | True |

The precision of a NUMBER does not include the decimal point itself in the total number of digits that can be stored in a column.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | True |

When a role is removed from the database, users will lose any privileges assigned to them through that role.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | True |

Which command is used to prevent other users from making changes to a table?
D) LOCK TABLE Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct...

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