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Service Request SR-kf-013 Week 2
Team D
June 15, 2015
Dr. Cheryl Mason

Service Request SR-kf-013 Week 2

Kudler Fine Foods (KFF) is a specialty food store located in the upscale metropolitan area of San Diego, CA. In an effort to boost revenue, KFF is seeking to launch a shopper rewards program. These types of systems are very common in most grocery store chains around the world offering discounts on in store products, however KFF is determined to cater to the demographic of their shoppers by taking this program a step further. The system specific to KFF needs includes a reward points system designed to provide the customer exclusive offers on both in store products and with third party partners.
This system will be designed to store customer data while providing reward points to be used for purchases both in-store and with third party partners. Reward points will be redeemable for fine foods, first class airline upgrade, high end gifts, and other items and bonuses of that nature. Points will be rewarded in increments based on money spent on purchases within the store in which the customer provides a reward card or number to reference (phone #) during checkout process. Since this system will be collecting customers’ personal information, it is imperative that potential issues are addressed prior to the implementation of this system.
In order to open a rewards account a customer will need to provide personal data such as phone numbers, and home/email addresses. Due to the sensitivity of this data and the protection of the customer in mind, considerations need to be made making the customer aware of the intended use of this data. It will be important that the information regarding the use of this data is clearly stated on the application form.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operations Officer (COO)

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