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What causes Chlamydial infection? What is Trachoma? What causes Malaria? What cause EHEC? (Enterohemorrhagic E.Coli ) What are the symptoms of EHEC? What causes BOTULISM? Where Does Clostridium Boltulinum grows? What kind of Bacteria causes Gonorrhea? Where does Neisseria Gonorrhea grow? What is Meningitis? What causes Meningitis? Name the diseases or infections caused by Streptococcus Species? What bacterial species cause necrotizing fasciitis? What are the consequences of the infection? What causes TB or “Tuberculosis”? What is Hepatitis B? How can it spread? What does Influenza does once in the body? What are the Five Important functions of Microorganism? The agents of human infectious disease fall into how many categories? Name them. (Specify if they are living or nonliving) Write Briefly on Viruses? What are the three things that all living organisms contain? What are the two groups in which living organisms are divided into? What are most bacteria surrounded by? What is peptidoglycan? What is a cell capsule? What interferes with the phagocytosis of the immune system? What is glycocalyx? What is the purpose of Flagellum? What is endospore? What is the smallest bacterium? And its size? What is the size of E.coli? And its average size? Name the largest bacteria and its size? Name the longest bacteria and its size? Bacteria with the smallest number of genomes? Name the two smallest Viruses? Their sizes? Name the medium virus? Its size? What is the largest virus? Its size? What groups of organisms fall under Eukaryotes? Name the two forms of Fungi? What are fungal cell walls consists of?
What is chitin? (This is a long carbohydrate polymer that also occurs in the exoskeletons of insects, spiders. The chitin adds rigidity and structural…...

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