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Sri Lanka Marketing Plan

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Sri Lanka's Tourism Marketing Plan

Table of Contents

1. Introduction 3 2. Planning and research 3 3. Marketing objectives 8 4. Target market 9 5. Activities and program 10 6. Timetable 12 7. Control and evaluation procedures and measures 13 8. Appendix 1 14 9. References 15

Sri Lanka is island country, which located in the Indian Ocean (CIA, 2014). It is well known as its natural beauty, cultural heritage, golden beaches, multiple wildlife, unique festivals and great people. Sri Lanka is generally known as “the pearl of the Indian ocean” it is attracting more and more international visitors including Chinese tourists to explore its natural beauty and splendid culture recent years. Despite of these all, a strong marketing campaign is required not only to stable its position in the tourist market but also for the promotion its tourist market. No doubt, this research and the marketing plan will prove to...

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