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Sri Lanka and its Caste Systems


Title: Sri Lanka and its Caste Systems

Thesis: A vital part of the Sri Lankan culture is its caste systems.

Introduction Paragraph
Thesis - A vital part of the Sri Lankan culture is its caste systems.
Sub Topic - What is a caste or caste system? A caste system is a system of which label a person’s ranking at birth based on a _____ scale.

Sub Topic - How many caste systems are there in Sri Lanka? There are several caste systems in Sri Lanka, but the two most ones are the _____ and the _____ caste systems.

Paragraph #1
Topic sentence – What are the different castes? There are ___ different castes: ____, _____, _____, _____….

Sub Topic – How is a person’s caste determined? A person’s caste is given to them at the moment of their birth. Their caste is decided considering _______________________.
Sub Topic - What are the differences between the two most used caste systems?

Paragraph #2
Topic Sentence – How is the caste system different from social class? Social class is determined by a person’s financial situation, job position, and education, and can change if any changes occur to the person’s financial situation, reputation, job position, etc. The difference social class has to a caste is ________________________.

Sub topic - How are people with lower castes treated in comparison to people with higher castes? If a person with a lower caste, such as _____, they would be less considered for a political position, for example. People of higher caste usually prefer to be among people of their same caste or higher. This leaves the people with lower caste only to dwell among themselves of the same caste with rare chances of unusual interaction with people of higher castes.

Sub Topic – Which is most important; a person’s caste or social class?

Paragraph #3
Topic sentence – How and what are the effects of a caste on a person? Their social life can be affect by their caste, consequentially affecting their chances of changing their social status in a positive way.

Sub Topic - How long does a caste have on a person and their descendants? A person’s caste can never be changed and unless something drastic happens to their social class, their descendants will be bound to their ancestors caste.

Sub Topic - Are the effects of the caste system as strongly followed, valued, and kept by society today as before? With time and the modernization of civilization as technology and customs evolve, aspects of cultures tend to be left behind in the past. Caste systems have also been a victim of the seemingly endless advancements in Civilization, gradually decreasing in its use and value. Though it has been significantly less valued and kept as centuries ago, it is still existent among the Sri Lankan’s. And though its impact on the lives of the people in Sri Lanka, main cultural groups such as the Sinhalese still stay committed to their original cultural tradition.

Paragraph #4
Thesis restatement – Though the cultural tradition of the caste systems in Sri Lankan culture has decreased in use and value among Sri Lanka’s people, it still remains as an important part of their history and their culture representing who they are and where they came from.

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Thesis and introduction (1 point) o My thesis focuses on ONE of the 5 countries (Turkey, Armenia, India, Sri Lanka, or Iraq). o My thesis makes a CLAIM about one of the cultural aspects of this country. o I have checked to make sure the thesis matches what I’ve found in my research (Synthesizing). o My introduction is well developed and grabs the reader’s interest.

Body paragraph 1 (2 points) o My body paragraph includes evidence from my research (paraphrase or direct quote). o I have included a properly formatted in-text citation for this evidence.

Body paragraph 2 (2 points) o My body paragraph includes evidence from my research (paraphrase or direct quote). o At least one piece of evidence comes from a new resource. o I have included a properly formatted in-text citation for this evidence.

Body paragraph 3 (2 points) o My body paragraph includes evidence from my research (paraphrase or direct quote). o At least one piece of evidence comes from a new resource. o I have included a properly formatted in-text citation for this evidence.

Conclusion (1 point) o My conclusion synthesizes my research. o No new arguments are presented in my conclusion, but rather I’ve made final observations. o My conclusion is well developed.

Works Cited Page (1 point) o I have included 3 valid resources (not “Wikipedia” or “Google”!). o Each resource has a properly formatted MLA bibliography. o Each resource was cited at least once in my paper. o The bibliographies are organized in alphabetical order by the author’s last name or the first word in the entry.

Outline (1 point) o I have completed the “Organizing Your Notes” activity from Unit 4, Lesson 3 (page 4 of 6).

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