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Index : Technical Specification Sections

Finalised by SRS Commiittee for Restructured APDRP under 11th Plan


Section – G1 :: General Technical requirements
Sl. No. Title Page No. / Section No.

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Introduction Intent of specification Scope of work Other Services and Items Specific Exclusions Utility’s Current IT Infrastructure Arrangement by the Contractor Software tools Warranty, operational guarantee and system reliability with ‘on-site’ support Annual Maintenance Contract Price Loading for Evaluation of Bids Payment terms Project synopsis Bid Schedule Basic reference drawings Spares Time schedule Implementation schedule Quality assurance plan Qualifying requirements

2 of G1 2 of G1 4 of G1 19 of G1 23 of G1 23of G1 23of G1 24 of G1 24 of G1 26 of G1 26 of G1 27 of G1 27 of G1 27 of G1 27 of G1 27 of G1 28 of G1 28 of G1 28 of G1 29 of G1


Section – G2 :: Technical specification requirements for Application Packages
Sl. No. Title Page No. / Section No.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19

Part-A – Essentially Required by most Utilities for setting up an IT backbone for collection of baseline data, Energy Accounting / Auditing and establishment of Customer care centers Introduction System Functionality Module : Meter Data Acquisition Module : Energy Audit Module : New Connection Module : Disconnection & Dismantling Module : GIS based customer Indexing and asset mapping Module : GIS based integrated network analysis module Module : Centralized Customer Care Services Module : Management Information System (MIS) Module : Web Self Service Module : Identity and Access Management system Module : System Security Requirement Part-B – Requirement based implementation of Commercial Processes like M,B,C for Utilities, who do not have such IT enabled systems Development of...

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