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E-Store Project
Software Requirements Specification

Revision History
|Date |Version |Description |Author |
| | |SRS 1.0 |Group-1 |
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction 5 1.1 Purpose 5 1.2 Scope 5 1.3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations 6 1.4 References 6 1.5 Overview 6

2. Overall Description 6

3. Specific Requirements 7 3.1 Functionality 7 3.1.1 Sell Configured to Ordered Products. 7 3.1.2 Provide comprehensive product details. 7 3.1.3 Detailed product Categorizations 7 3.1.4 Provide Search facility. 7 3.1.5 Maintain customer profile. 8 3.1.6 Provide personalized profile 8 3.1.7 Provide Customer Support. 8 3.1.8 Email confirmation. 9 3.1.9 Detailed invoice for customer. 9 3.1.10 Provide shopping cart facility. 9 3.1.11 Provide multiple shipping methods. 9 3.1.12 Online tracking of shipments 9 3.1.13 Provide online Tax Calculations 10 3.1.14 Allow multiple payment methods. 10 3.1.15 Allow online change or cancellation of order. 10 3.1.16 Allow Online Product reviews and ratings 10 3.1.17 Offer financing options. 10 3.1.18 Provide detailed sitemap. 10 3.1.19 Offer online…...

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