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1-Aida plan:-
Attention. Make your audience want to hear about your problem or idea. Write a brief and engaging opening sentence, with no extravagant claims or irrelevant points. Find some common ground on which to build your case.

Interest. Explain the relevance of your message to your audience. Continuing the theme you started with, paint a more detailed picture with words. Get your audience thinking.

Desire. Make audience members want to change by explaining how the change will benefit them. Reduce resistance by thinking up and answering in advance any questions the audience might have. If your idea is complex, explain how you would implement it. Back up your claims.

Action. Suggest the action you want readers to take. Make it more than a statement such as “Please send me a refund.” Remind readers of the benefits of taking action, and make taking action easy.

2-components of introduction:-

Authorization. When, how, and by whom the report was authorized, who wrote it, and when it was submitted. Problem/opportunity/purpose. The reason for the report’s existence and what it is supposed to accomplish.

Scope. What is and what is not going to be covered in the report. The scope indicates the report’s size and complexity; it also helps with the critical job of setting the audience’s expectations.

Background. The conditions or factors that led up to the report. This section enables readers to understand how the problem, situation, or opportunity developed and what has been done about it so far.

Sources and methods. The primary and secondary sources of information used.

Definitions. A list of terms that might be unfamiliar to your audience, along with brief definitions.
Limitations. This section does not excuse a lack of effort or poor performance; however, it should present factors that were beyond your control....

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