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Executive Summary
The last few decades witnessed the rise of Asia as a major global player. Asia’s share of the global output nearly doubled during the last 40 years. This clearly highlights the enormous growth potential and future opportunities in Asia. The great transformation of Asian economies is evident in three main areas. First the sustained huge investments in infrastructure, industry and human resource. Secondly, the increasing complexity of these economies and their integration with the rest of the world. And finally the rising middle class with higher incomes and huge demands for a wide range of products and services. The opportunities for foreign firms include supporting Asian investments and connecting with Asia and meeting the increasing consumer demand. Foreign firms can capitalize these opportunities by adding value to natural resources, developing networking industries and tourism and by developing-delivering better services. (2)
Introduction: The Asian Opportunity for Kiwi Bank
Kiwi bank
Kiwi bank was established in 2002 and has been performing impressively over the years. Kiwibank is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Zealand Post, which is a 100% state-owned enterprise. The low fee, low interest rate value oriented business model has helped it in increasing customer base and higher revenues. The range of services and products provided by Kiwi bank included credit cards, a nationwide ATM network, personal loans, business banking, internet banking, mobile phone banking services, insurance and wealth management.
Entering the Asian market can make a kiwi firm more productive and resilient to changes. This can be achieved by building scale, developing their staff, IP and technological investments and diversifying their revenue streams.

Kiwi Bank Success Factors
To be successful in Asia New…...

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