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Recently, the government have just implemented a project called : Increase the public campaign over health education in Hanoi 2015-2015 in order to raise the awareness and the health protection for the citizen. * What they did:
+ Raise their awareness and put into practice in order for the citizen to take care of themselves, family and the community: increase the number of people to approach the healthcare information, avoid disease,, (85%)
+ Increase the public campaign on healthcare education and engage the citizen in health education campaign. (90% engagement of household)
+ Build relationship with the press and media to promote healthcare education. ( meetings conference to propose strategy to improve health)
Zika virus, Rubella virus

Healthcare, the importance.
Government’s objective son healthcare * To ensure the citizen receive the initial latest healthcare service, increase the accessibility to high quality health service, ensure metal and physical safety, reduce the disease rate, increase life quality. Cu the:
+ Increase the quality of public hospital,
+ Birthrate control
+ Ensure efficient medicine for all people, family,
+ Increase the expertise of doctors, nurses,
+ Increase the number of doctors, nurses in rural areas. .. ( * Recently, Nguyen Thi Kim Tien has good strategy to boost up the health system. Her contribution includes: reduce bribery in hospital, operating hotline, set up camera in big hospital or operating family doctor system in which doctors received comprehensive training to cure any disease. Although there are several few major happens in recent years: new born babies dies due to injection of wrong vaccine, overload in hospital, the attitude of…...

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