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The Performance Management Review of SSGC Pakistan (Sukkur region) A work of Quixotic workers: Fazul-ur-Rahman Narejo Marvi Mangi Muhammad Zulfiqar Sahito (Group leader) Paras Memon Taniya Farooq


With regards to the completion of this study, we the QUIXOTIC WORKERS would like to thank; Almighty Allah for all the reasons these pages will not be able to record Respected Sir Muhsin Ameer Mukhtiar for assigning us this work and giving us a chance to know the industrial ways Mr. Fayaz Shaikh (DGM SSGC) for such great welcome at the site and for showing interest in our work Mr. Imam Bux (Executive IR SSGC) for helping us through and providing us information and cooperating during the interview CDC Sukkur IBA for confirming our trip and giving us a chance to explore the realities of industry We are extremely grateful to all the people mentioned above as without their cooperation we would never have been able to complete our study.


Anti Plagiarism Declaration

“I Muhammad Zulfiqar being the leader of QUIXOTIC WORKERS certify that this is our own work and not stolen or copied, proper reference has been given of the person whom we interviewed, If this statement is untrue and if we are found guilty of plagiarism, the punitive actions against us be taken as per Anti Plagiarism Policy.”


Muhammad Zulfiqar Sahito

(Group leader QUIXOTIC WORKERS and student of BBA-VII)

December 13, 2010



We the QUIXOTIC WORKERS do not recommend any personal contact neither do we take the responsibility of any other report showing contrasting results. This work is purely based upon the information retrieved during personal interview from Mr. Imam Bux (Executive IR) on the 3rd December 2010, and not our own…...

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