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Criminal Form 2 8/2010 ORI No: _____________ At a term of the _________________ Court County of _______________________ Order No: _____________ at the Courthouse at (address)_____________________________State of New York NYSID No: _____________ CJTN No. ________________ ORDER OF PROTECTION Present: Hon ______________________________, Non-Family Offense – C.P.L. 530.13 1 ________________________________________ (Not involving victims of domestic violence) People of the State of New York ‘ Youthful Offender (check if applicable) -againstPart_____ Index/Docket No.________________ Indictment No., if any: ____________________ _________________________________________ Charges ________________________________ Defendant (Check one): ‘ Ex parte Date of Birth: ‘ Defendant Present in Court NOTICE: YOUR FAILURE TO OBEY THIS ORDER M AY SUBJECT YOU TO M ANDATORY ARREST AND CRIM INAL PROSECUTION, W HICH M AY RESULT IN YOUR INCARCERATION FOR UP TO SEVEN YEARS FOR CONTEM PT OF COURT. IF THIS IS A TEM PORARY ORDER OF PROTECTION AND YOU FAIL TO APPEAR IN COURT W HEN YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO SO, THIS ORDER M AY BE EXTENDED IN YOUR ABSENCE AND THEN CONTINUES IN EFFECT UNTIL A NEW DATE SET BY THE COURT. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------‘ TEM PORARY ORDER OF PROTECTION. W hereas good cause has been shown for the issuance of a temporary order of protection [as a condition of ‘ recognizance ‘ release on bail ‘ adjournment in contemplation of dismissal], ‘ ORDER OF PROTECTION. W hereas defendant has been convicted of [specify crime or violation]: _______________________________________________________________________________________________ And the Court having made a determination in accordance with section 530.13 of the Criminal Procedure Law, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED that…...

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