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HRM410 Course Draft and Final Version REQUIRED Template
Student Name: ///////

• Use this required template for the Week 3 Draft of your project (your Handbook below must be 25% completed for full-points consideration) and 100% complete for the Week 7 final version.
• Remember, this is a Staffing Handbook, not an Employee Handbook
• Remember that no more than 10% of the completed Handbook can be from borrowed material (so plan accordingly on any borrowed material used in the draft). The majority of the Handbook must be original—meaning written by the student. ALL sources used (textbook, Internet, etc.) must be cited via proper APA citations (both in-text with quotation marks and a References section). This includes any forms or samples in the Handbook. Everything in the Handbook will count towards the “no more than 10% borrowed” requirement, including forms. It is advisable if you create these yourself.
• See the Course Project tab for lengthier descriptions of each section. The specifics of the requirements of each section are NOT included here.
• Text font can be no larger than 12.
• You do not need to include a table of contents.
• Be sure to insert your fictitious company name, where needed, in the Handbook below.
• Your Handbook must be full 10-12 pages (not including this page, the cover page, or any reference page), double-spaced. You may single-space any forms or samples you create.
• Note that the spacing placed between sections is for illustration purposes only. Some sections you write may be longer than others. However, remember the final page count of text required (10-12 full pages).
• Save this document with the following title for the Draft/Week 3: LASTNAME_HRM410_Draft_CourseProject.doc (or .docx)
• Save your finalized Course Project/Week 7 with the following title: LASTNAME_HRM410_Final_ CourseProject.doc (or .docx)

Proceed to the next page to begin creating your Handbook.


Deni’s Cupcakes

Handbook Date: March/2012



Deni’s Cupcakes has 9 bakeries throughout South Florida. In order to continue our growth we dedicate ourselves in choosing only the best qualified personnel to help us meet and achieve all our business goals. Our business strife’s to hire ambitious and friendly people who not only love what they do but also love where they work. All of our employees understand and share our high ethical standards and take pride in our business. We are extremely demanding when it comes to ourselves and the service we provide. This is only doable because we have a staff of committed and motivated employees who know what they are doing and want to give our customers sweeter days – every day. This is why you can always be sure that the people we hire are not only qualified but also have a passion for cupcakes. The purpose of this handbook is to guide our managers in adequate staffing selection for our continued success. Our vision has always been to focus on customer satisfaction and unmitigated integrity. Our purpose is to help the customer, with their sweet tooth needs and to become their number one resource for cupcakes! We believe here at Deni’s Cupcakes that every employee puts in their part and that working together we can become the leaders in the Cupcake Market and stretch out further than South Florida.


Deni’s Cupcakes acknowledges that various strategies are needed in order to successfully create a Job analyses. Information that is obtained helps us accurately understand the qualifications needed to better staff our different departments. This also assists us in creating guidelines of performance that our employees must achieve in order to be considered capable on the job. Managers are encouraged to work closely with our Human Resource Department to assists in giving detailed data regarding job tasks. This helps us to understand and predict who can successfully fill the position as well as who is doing the job adequately.

For this example we are directing our questions to a Cupcake designer.


Name: Department:
Job Title: Manager Name:
Describe your job title:
What are your daily duties?
On average, how long does it take to complete each task, how many cupcakes can you complete in one shift on average?:
What tools or equipment helps you complete your daily duties? How do you use these tools and equipment?
What skills did you learn while working with Deni’s Cupcakes? What skills did you bring in with you? What special techniques have you learned and commonly use when decorating your cupcakes?
What mathematical skills do you need that are keen for ingredients and baking?

Deni’s Cupcakes allows for growth opportunities within the business. We encourage our employees to apply for any job position that opens. We feel it is our responsibility to allow our employees first priority when a new position is available giving them a chance to further exceed within Deni’s Cupcakes. Consideration for internal employees must meet the following requirements:

1. Employee must provide adequate documents in a timely manner.
2. Employee must be part of Deni’s Cupcakes for a minimum of six months.
3. Employee performance must meet or exceed current expectations.
4. It is the employee’s responsibility to notify current supervisor of interest in open position if a scheduled interview has been set.

Posting will be kept internally for up to 14 business days. After this time frame we post the opening to external applicants. *All updates for openings at any of our locations will be posted in the news bulletin board in every lunch room.*

If we have not found a match for this position from within in the 14 business day process we then allow for external candidates to apply. External candidates can be walk ins or referred. We also like to give students the opportunity to work as they study and post our opening in nearby schools. All internal and external application must be reviewed by hiring managers for further evaluation.

Position Cake/Cupcake Decorator and Baker

Job Description: Must have experience taking orders and creating specific design or themes for cake orders. Responsible for the design, icing and baking of cake/cupcake orders. Must also oversee smooth running of delivery orders and must ensure cleanliness of kitchen area.

Name: Date:

Current Position: Current Manager:
Posted Position: Hiring Manager:
Date of Hire:

Please describe your qualifications and experience that make you good for this position:
Why so you wish to change position or transfer to another location:

In order for internal employees to apply the following must be done first:
1. Apply online. Printing a copy of your online application is recommended for record keeping.
2. Contact Human Resources and email Melissa Machado (HR person for Deni’s Cupcakes) with your resume and employee ID number.
3. Inform managers if the reason for applying is the need for a transfer



Full Name: Social Security number;
Address: City: State: Zip:
Phone Number: Are you 18 or older? □ Yes □No
Have you ever worked for Deni’s Cupcakes: □ Yes □No If you answered yes answer the following questions. From: To: Reason for leaving:
Are you currently working?□ Yes □No If yes, may we contact your employer? □ Yes □No
Employer Name: Employer Phone Number:
Former Employers Name and Address Dates
To-From Title/Position Salary Reason For Leaving

Which of these jobs did you like best? Why?:

Please provide three references we may contact who are not related and have known you at least for 1 year.
Name Business/Relation Years Acquainted Phone Number Professional Reference □Yes □No □Yes □No □Yes □No


Deni’s Cupcakes is open to accepting applications and resumes at any time. If we are not hiring at the moment due to being fully staffed, we keep applications on file for up to six months. The applications and information obtained are used to determine if the applicant interested has the qualifications and/or experience that can be used in Deni’s Cupcakes. The information obtained is used solely to decide if the applicant has the qualifications to be hired within Deni’s Cupcakes. We refuse to obtain information regarding marital status, race, sex, religion, or sexual preference since these things do not interfere with the job related tasks. We do on the other hand, ask for general contact information, and experience with baking, decorating, advertising, selling and delivering food items.


Deni’s Cupcakes uses the behavioral approach when interviewing candidates. We believe this is the best approach for Deni’s cupcakes because it allows us to hear not just what the candidate has accomplished but also how they accomplished it. We believe that placing them in the situation and asking them what they would do in that scenario gives us an idea of the persons creative problem solving skills and gives us a better understanding of who this person really is.
Once application has been received and reviewed, we later call the candidate and have a brief phone interview and schedule interview dates. In the face-to-face interview we ask questions that directly relate to job duties and experience that this person may have that they can bring with them into our business. We also like to give the applicant a chance to not just tell us what they know about cupcakes but to show us. Deni’s Cupcakes asks our selected qualified applicants to make us a cupcake that they feel will show off their talent and baking skills. The candidate that makes the most creative and tasteful cupcake not only gets the job, but their cupcake is featured in our website with an introduction of our new addition to the Deni’s Cupcakes family.

Here is a sample of questions that would be asked to a cupcake designer/baker.

1. What aspects of this job do you think would be the most stressful to you? Why?
2. A customer is upset because her daughter’s name was misspelled on her daughter’s birthday cake, and it is too late to bake another. How do you respond?
3. What technique for decorating cupcakes do you feel you have mastered?
4. How do you plan on interviewing customers regarding cake/cupcake special orders?
5. How do you make sure you have captured their ideas for the perfect cake/cupcake?
6. You have baked 200 perfect cupcakes for a bridal shower and right before you make the last touches you realize that the order wasn’t due for another 2 days. Can we save these cupcakes without sacrificing freshness? If yes, explain how? If not, explain why not?
7. Why is it important to follow recipes with exact measurements? Can the quality of a cupcake be at stake if too much or too little is added? Give me an example.


Deni’s Cupcakes is a drug free workplace. We enforce drug testing before being hired and random drug test are also common, especially with our bakery delivery drivers. We also test our applicants with simple arithmetic for our cashiers and math measurements for our staff in the kitchen. We also like to get a feel of who our employees are and there personality traits. WE sue personality tests to help us understand our candidate’s decision making tactics as well as teamwork, strengths and weaknesses. Results of this test will do not directly affect a person’s chances to get hired; we use this as a tool to better understand quality traits that can be brought into our business.

Education and Training
While a degree is not required in most instances at Deni’s Cupcakes, we do encourage our managers to keep an eye open for graduates of pasty arts certifications. These programs teach basic skills and techniques of cake decoration and the principles of a baking.

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