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Staffing Organizations–Part 1

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Staffing Organizations–Part 1
Sh’ani D’Antignac
BUS 335
October 29, 2013
Strayer University

Staffing Organizations The Java Spot will be a central meeting place for college students and individuals who are looking for a nice and friendly place with great customer service and exceptional coffee and pastries. The first step to provide those amenities would be to prepare an innovative and effective staffing model that will ensure organizational probability and improve the community. As the owner I have drafted a strategic plan that will be used to staff and manage the business for the next 3 years. The staffing process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality will be beneficial to the growth of the business . The overall goal of the company is to create a friendly neighborhood coffee house that provide the best customer service to individuals from all walks of life while generating profit growth.
Employment Relationships From a legal prospective the term “staffing” refers to formation of the employment relationships. The employer-employee relationship is a culmination of the person/job matching process. One of the areas of employment relationships that we will be looking to implement will be temporary employees. A temporary employee is an individual typically hired to help a business meet increased short term demand for its product or services that do not have the status of permanent staff. A temporary employee cost less to hire than regular employees, and they can help fill a position temporarily vacated by a staff member that is sick or has taken a leave of absence. We will start with recruiting temporary employees for our server positions. Temporary employees will be contracted for a temp to perm status for 6 months where permanent hiring will be based on the temporary employees’ work performance. There are legal perspectives that we will cover concerning temporary employees and the scope of permissible discretion and limits that are placed on them. The temporary employees will be responsible for the duties assigned to them and their job criteria will be clearly defined. As the owner of the coffee shop we will set standards and guidelines that abide with the rules and regulations that are set by government laws. The selection for management staff will we will be looking for person/organization match to determine how well the person matches the job and the organization. Management staff will be individuals who are driven and exhibit great leadership qualities that will guide the staff and organization for positive results.
Disparate Treatment Disparate treatment is when an individual alleges that they are intentional treated different from another. Disparate treatment is another form of discrimination where unfair treatment and unjust actions are exhibited. When an employer knowingly and deliberately discriminate against people on the basis of specific characteristics such as race or sex is illegal. There are four factors to initially prove a charge of discrimination; 1. The person belongs to a protected class, 2. The person applied for, and was qualified for a job the employer was trying to fill, 3. The person was rejected despite being qualified, 4. The position remained open and the employer continued to seek applicants as qualified as the person rejected. Disparate impact, also known as adverse impact, is the focus of the effect of employment practices, rather the focus on the motives or underlying intent. Employers should avoid disparate treatment because it can lead to unlawful business practices that result in lengthy court procedures that cost the company tremendously. Compensatory and punitive damages may be awarded to the individual who was discriminated against, and the court can also order “such affirmative action as may be appropriate”, as well as “any other equitable relief” that the court deems appropriate. Employers found to be in non-compliance are urged to change their practices through a conciliation process. If the conciliation process is unsuccessful, employers are subject to various penalties that affect their status as a federal contractor. To avoid disparate treatment employers must abide by the laws and regulations that is set in their state. Creating organizational policies, procedures and guidelines that are understandable, lawful, and agreed upon by all employees is another way. Most important, all employees must be treated equally and receive fair treatment in every situation.
External Influences External influence to the company are the labor market, technology and economic conditions. The labor market deals with labor demands, and labor supply which deals with quantity and quality components. Labor demands are influenced by the consumer demand of the products we market, primarily the more customers we service the more labor demand. Labor supply, is the quality of labor (employees) that we obtain to produce the service. Quality employees produce quality service that can increase sales and profits. Technology influence are the changes that have occurred with transformation systems such as the advancement of internet based services and system. With the technology advancements that are producing daily, many can improve or hinder the growth of the company. The external influences can be address first by conducting a research and analysis of the labor market to plan and execute according to the labor demand. The next step will be to set planning stages that will increase labor with the demand increase. Recruiting and acquiring quality employees that are skilled to provide quality service is another step the company will address.
Plan to avoid shortages and surpluses The plan of action for avoiding hiring shortages will be to start with the use of temporary employees through temp agencies. We will arrange flexible scheduling and shift work to avoid shortages and surpluses. Flexible work arrangements will help the company avoid surpluses and save on labor costs. The company will offer alternative work arrangements to attract and retain older workers. Another way we will avoid shortages will be to offer competitive benefit packages and benefits to employees.
Workforce Diversity Diversity is: similarities and differences among employees in terms of age, cultural background, physical abilities and disabilities, race, religion, sex, and sexual orientation. Workplace diversity reference to the recognition and understanding of the different cultures that are represented in the labor force. The company will adopt an active diversity policy that will be clearly stated in our organizations mission statement. The company will incorporate recruiting activities that can help enhance the diversity of our workforce by advertising using print ads that target a variety of demographic groups. Recruiting diverse qualified individuals who promote positivity and bring different ideas to the company is a plus. We will also provide diversity development training and programs for all employees to increase communications and understanding.

KSAOs, tasks and context KSAO’s are knowledge, skill, ability and other characteristics needed to perform the job effectively. The store manager KSAO’s require math skills, creative ability, people friendly, flexible, computer systems, and payroll system knowledge. The task and context for the manager positions will be: responsible for creating the schedules, ordering stock, lifting, and organizing stock room, inventory review, assign task to employees, lead and manage the servers, and manage the day to day operations. The KSAO’s required for the servers will be: people friendly, require math skills, flexible, fast paced, attention to detail, and communicate effectively. Their task and context include: greeting customers, taking orders (waiting tables as well), making coffee and pastries, cleaning and stocking their work area, cleaning and stocking the restrooms, taking payments, lifting items and assisting with unloading stock.
In conclusion the company will be able to produce sufficient profitable growth by conducting the proper market research analysis and understanding the changes and fluctuations of the economy. Utilizing our forecasting analysis we will be able to recruit the staff needed and generate flexible schedules that aid in technology and consumer demand conditions. As owners of the Java spot we will promote diversity programs that include recruitment that reaches many demographical groups, we will also incorporate diversity training all employees. We will be looking to recruit individuals who will be a qualified match to the company as well as skilled for the job. Understanding and compliance of laws and regulations will be beneficial to the success of the company. Establishing and maintain the employment relationship involves exercising discretion by both employer and employee. Fair and equal treatment alleviates cases for disparate treatment that can have a negative impact on the company financially and professionally. Staffing and promotion strategies will be the result of thorough understanding of the jobs to be filled and the qualifications and skills needed to fill them. Describing the job and tasks required in complete detail will be beneficial to recruiting and selecting the right fit for the company. Implementing the staffing plans and strategies reviewed can produce positive results and positive growth that will be beneficial for our company and yours as well.

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