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Stage of Development: Infant/Toddler
Erika Salvador
ECE 332 Child Development
Carrie Phillips
April 5, 2012

Stage of Development: Infant/Toddler
Neonates from the moment of conception to the point of delivery are dependent on their mother to live a healthy life style to avoid the obvious risks of delivering a child with abnormalities. Neonates are born with the instinct that they need to be nurtured, loved and cared for. Bonding is the formation of feelings of attachment between the parents and their children (Rathus, 2011). In order for a bond to occur between the neonate and the mother the mother must provide a healthy nurturing experience to help enrich her neonate’s physical growth and development.
Developmental characteristics and milestones of infants and toddlers are many. Between birth and three, children rapidly achieve many important milestones that create the foundation for later growth and development ( Haliburton, 2004). Children must feel safe and secure to develop that sense of trust which then creates independence in the later years. Children are all different and their milestones at their own pace, however they need support of their parent and caregiver in order for this to happen. At the age group from birth to 8months their characteristics are as follows:
* Reaches towards interesting objects
* Puts hand/objects in mouth
* Repeatedly grasps and releases objects
* Lifts and holds up head
* Sits up alone
* Rolls over
* Crawl
(Haliburton, 2004).

According to Piaget there are four stages of cognitive development : sensorimotor, preoperational, concrete operational, and formal operational (Rathus, 2011, p.98). Piaget divides sensorimotor in 6 stages of development:
* Reflexive responses- a neonate is able to larch on to his mothers breast
* primary circular reactions- at age 1to 4 mos a…...