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Stages of Multimedia Project

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List and briefly discuss the stages of a multimedia project. Be sure to define the milestones that mark the completion of the phase.

Firstly, you must develop a sense of its scope and content, having a rough idea in your head on how to design your project. Then I have to develop an organized outline and a plan that is rational in terms of the skills, time, budget, tools, and resources that I have in hand.
Scheduling, once I have worked out with my plan that include the phases, tasks and work items that I feel will be required. I have to layout these elements along a timeline. This will usually include milestones at which certain deliverables are to be done. To create a schedule I must estimate the total time required for each task.
After scheduling, estimating the cost of the project will be relevant to estimate the entire cost after the project has been completed. It is relatively simple matter to estimate cost and effort, For example, the manufacturing industry. Having a progressive accounts and billing will be saved to review the financial part of the project, for example preparing a cost sheet.
Finally, write and structure the elements of the multimedia project. Potential clients do not have a clue about how to make multimedia, but they do have a vision on their project. As a project designer, I will know what, my clients want and how to satisfy them. I occasionally may encounter a more formal request of proposal. This are typically detailed documents from large corporation. This situation will normally happen for companies who outsource their multimedia development work.

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