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Stages of the Research Process

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RES/ 351 – Business Research
Assignment: Stages of the Research Process.

Stages of the Research Process

Research is investigation a study to basically establish facts in a particular area of study; the main goal is to get as much as information, in this case “ facts”, that can be set until you are able to come into a conclusion. In the reading passage it states, “ that a useful way to approach a research process is to state a basic dilemma that prompts the research and then try to develop other questions by progressively breaking down the original one into more specific ones”, (Donald R Cooper and Pamela S. Schindler; page 77), with this being stated in the reading passage. There are particular areas in which really must be focus during the stages of the research process these stages are: Clarifying the research question, Proposing research, designing the research project, collecting data and preparation, Data analysis and interpretation, Reporting the results. All of these must be involve during the research process, with out these there can’ be a exact or in other words accurate results for the research that is being done, otherwise the results of the research can be misleading to false result. I have chosen three particular articles with specific topics, “ Marketing and Business Research”, “Business Research Methods”, and “ Marketing Research and Business Management”.

Purpose of business research

1st Article, “ Marketing and Business Research (pre-1986); Jan 1964; 28; by Field, Mervin. This article was mainly based on reviews for the book he had launched, “ Marketing and Business research”. 2nd Article, “ Business Research Methods”, by Tootelian, Dennis H. (pre-1986) 1976. The main purpose of this article is mainly based on this book review. 3rd Article, “Marketing Research and Business...

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