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Stakeholder Roles Project: Shadab And Company

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Purpose of Project

Project Purpose The determination of this project was to analyse project in the light of our course requirement. Which is MS Project.
Project Description Shadab & Company is a reliable company in construction industry. It active in building projects for the last couple of years. The main purpose of Shadab & Company is to fulfil the needs of customers and satisfy them by providing first class construction and satisfy them by providing best possible solutions regarding construction. We provide better life to our clients at reasonable cost. Our Company just contracted a contract of construction of house in Murree with Mr Talha. He floats a request along with their specification and necessities and choose our company for
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The planning processes develop the project management plan and the project documents that will be used to do the project.
To classify necessities of building of house, building works and external works.
Scope baseline
The scope contains the project explanation, major project deliverables and approval standards.
Hours of working
The main working hours will be from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm (Mondays to Sundays). Some employees will be working freestanding the main working hours which are compulsory for planned building operations and in case of crises. The planned processes may require work to be approved out through night time period.
Clearing and
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Architectural work will contain of brick work in foundation, ground level and first floor. After the achievement of brick work plaster will start on the brick work. After that connection of wooden door frames, aluminium frames and wooden doors will start. Therefore the carpeting will also start.

Finishing work
We will start the brick work as quickly the base and concrete work gets finished. The brick work will give a form to the erection. The bricks will be obtained from an accepted source. The brick work will be done by the expert labour. The fixing of door edges will also start.
The plaster work will start after the brick work gets completed. The plaster work will be done by mix machine and expert labour.
All the events will be done as per calendar acquiesced by the contractor.
Face work will be started after when building construction is accomplished. This work will be done by special labourers of face work. All the materials will be obtained from the accepted cradle.
Electrical and Plumbing

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