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There are many reasons why a person would choose to stalk another. More often than not, the victim knows his/her stalker. I know this because I have been stalked before by my ex-live-in-boyfriend. He would sit outside my house and wait for me to leave so that he could follow me everywhere. He would call and text me all hours of the night, and make threats such as “You’ll regret leaving me” and “I’ll make you pay for this.” Once, I bleached my hair, and that same day received a text stating “Told you that you are an ugly blonde.” I’m just glad he overcame his obsession and stopped the harassment.
The text breaks the motives down into four categories that are simple obsession, love obsession, erotomania, and false victimization syndrome. Simple obsession is when an ex-partner or current partner stalks, as described in the situation above (Meadows, 2014). Love obsession is defined as a person that stalks a celebrity, and there is no prior relationship between the two parties. (Meadows, 2014). Gwyneth Paltrow was stalked by a pizza delivery guy that sent her about five letters a day, porn, pizza, and flowers (David, 2009). Third, there is erotomania, which is when a stranger has false beliefs that he/she is in a relationship with his/her target. Lastly, there is false victimization syndrome. This category defines stalkers that falsely accuse his/her victim of actually doing the stalking (Meadows, 2014). Those stalkers that fall under the category of simple obsession truly believe that they can get the victim back if they follow them and threaten them if they don’t return. A fan that stalks a celebrity is obsessed because they idolize their target by watching them through media coverage. With erotomania, a stalker may fabricate a relationship with his/her victim because he/she just smiled at or was nice to the stalker. Those with false victimization syndrome want...

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