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Standardized Testing; Worth it or Not? “When teachers talk about high school ‘standardized tests’ these days, they're not talking about the SAT. They mean federally mandated, timed, 'one set of multiple choice questions fits all' tests designed to measure students' performance in basic subjects like math and reading. Each state decides how to define educational proficiency, and tests use a minimum of three scores: Below Basic, Proficient, and Advanced” (Kumeh). These tests are put together not only to test the students comprehension in these subjects, but to also see if the teacher is meeting the specific objectives for each subject. States were not federally mandated to give their own standardized tests until 1994 when the Clinton administration changed the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965. In which, it stated that every state receiving federal money must test third through eighth grade students in math and reading yearly. However, when President George W. Bush passed the “No Child Left Behind Act” in 2001, it requires that not only do these schools need to test their students annually, but they must improve their scores from the previous year or government regulations will be put into place. “Testing has been a valuable part of the educational process since the days of Socrates. There is nothing new or scary about it. It lets teachers and parents know how kids are doing and lets students see the rewards of hard work” (Spellings). The US Board of Education is a great supporter in the annual testing of students because they believe it gives the students something to work for. In order to “payback” their schools, their teachers, and their parents the students need to work hard during the year, so they can prove to them that they met their goal. The improvements that were anticipated have been happening, “America's 9-year-olds scored an all-time high...

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