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Star Wars, a legacy that has been around since 1977. Star Wars truly stood the test of time in many ways: a wide fan base, well written story, and a lot of content. The fan base for Star Wars is rampant with the amount of people that adore Star Wars. The fan base starts with the older generation which is the group that saw the first three movies (A New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) which are called the sequels. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, knew how to draw people in by the story. The most noticeable things about Star Wars is the opening crawl text, the film scores, and Darth Vader’s voice/ breathing. Then to the second generation of Star Wars fans which were around during the prequels (The Phantom Menace, The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith). The Phantom Menace came out in 1999. These movies had a lot of CGI (Computer Generated Images). It advanced technology because they did what some people couldn’t in film making. The older generation was still around when these came out and were still hyped about more Star Wars and the origin of some of the characters stories. Now we have new movies with Disney buying LucasFilm. These will affect the third generation. The only movie we know of continuing from Return of the Jedi is The Force Awakens which comes out in less than a month. Just from the trailers it shows a very well written story. People bought movies theaters out in less than a day when they were able to be purchased. It’s rare for that ever to happen for any movie. Disney has even came out and said that they will be making movies that fill in gaps and tie up loose ends. The shows such as Clone Wars and Rebels have a massive fan base as well. Clone Wars came out in 2008 and made a break through with the amount of people that even tuned in for the first episode! Star Wars Rebels came out in 2014 and people are in love with it still with it being on its second season. Just the story alone on all of LucasFilm’s products is just amazing on its own. As I said above, the story in the entire Star Wars legacy is wonderful. Clone Wars for instance. There was six seasons on it and it really got you attached from the first episode which on its own made people just fall in love with the entire series. I want to talk more about the story of certain movies and shows, but due to spoilers I want you to watch them for yourself if you haven’t already. Character development is very good also, because you see struggle, pain, and hurt from a character. When certain characters die they put a struggle on other characters and impact whatever is going on in that particular point in the story. I have been emotionally attached to some characters and when they get in danger you are definitely at the edge of your seat and actually saying “No!” Finally, the content of LucasFilm is just remarkable. Star Wars puts out videos on YouTube almost every other day, maybe even every day during certain weeks. They have movies, shows, and even video games. LucasFilm invaded the gaming market about ten years ago and people still play those games to this day. EA just released a new game called Star Wars: Battlefront. It was the fastest selling game ever for PlayStation consoles and was the biggest launch in the UK ever! Star Wars also has apps for mobile devices such as IPhone and Android. Although they aren’t as big as console games or even Battlefront, they still are a blast to play. Disney plans to make even more Anthology films in between the main story line. The first one they are making is called Star Wars” Rogue One. Then they also want to do movies on iconic characters that you may fall in love with. Star Wars even has comics. Being bought out by Disney which owns Marvel, they were able to kick off multiple comic book series starring Darth Vader and Kanan, the main character of Star Wars Rebels. Star Wars is just an expansive legacy that will not ever stop in my opinion. From comics, to movies, to even video games, Star Wars will never stop growing and maybe even be a part of my grandkids life’s in the future.

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