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Starbucks Branding Strategy

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Starbucks Corp., the world’s biggest coffee retailer, unveiled a new logo that drops the words, "Starbucks" and the "Coffee" , from their well-known green coloring encircling the iconic sea nymph at its centre. This is the fourth version of the logo since the company's beginnings as a small coffee shop in Seattle in 1971. Those prior versions of the logo helped build Starbucks into one of the world's best-recognized brands, and the company now feels it no longer needs to reinforce its name at every turn. Starbucks plans to bring the logo to stores in March on its 40th anniversary.
No sooner the plans of the company to alter its logo have been announced, there has been a lot of ballyhoo on the various media regarding this change. The main reason for removing the company name from the logo is, according to Schultz (CEO of Starbucks), to free the mermaid – this is supposed to represent the firm’s ability to free themselves from the coffee market. The name ‘Starbucks coffee’ confines the market of the company to drinks and thus limits their growth potential. Let us consider the benefits of this branding strategy by Starbucks.
As the change in the branding is the removal its verbal part, it removes a language barrier. Starbucks started operating in America four decades ago but now it is operating as a truly multi-national firm in more than fifty countries around the globe. As the new logo removes the use of language, it consequently becomes more communicable. Moreover, it shows confidence of the firm in the brand’s effectiveness. Nike, Apple and MacDonald’s are the most powerful brands in the world and none of their...

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