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Starbucks Change in Strategy Paper

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Starbucks Change in Strategy


Brandon L. Chow

Dr. Darryl Mitry

National University
School of Business & Information Management

October 22, 2008

Executive Summary

The following report and presentation is an inside look at Starbucks Corporation’s strategy and how it is currently affecting their sales and the long-term results. This will be accomplished by exploring four concepts of strategic business, the process for crafting a strategy, components of a macro-environment, five forces of competition and a SWOT Analysis. Analyzing the information and making recommendations based on the information gathered will show how Starbucks should keep or change their strategic plans. Focusing on principle concepts will systematically uncover what Starbucks has done well in the past, what current areas could be improved, and if the new changes ultimately weaken Starbuck’s market share in the long term or strengthen them.


Starbucks Corporation: Starbucks is constantly reinventing their stores to keep and attract customers. With coffee houses popping up in every nook and cranny, Starbucks has to be fresh and innovative. New technology that allows coffee customers to download the music playing in Starbucks stores to their iPhones is just the start of a wave of options for impulse purchases. Starbucks has roasters and brands of specialty coffee operating in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and the Pacific Rim. The Company also produces and sells bottled frappuccino drinks, double shot latte drinks and a line of ice creams, pastries and breakfast sandwiches. Currently, Starbucks has actively engaged their dairy suppliers to explore a conversion
Of all core-dairy products used in United States stores. Together with local dairy…...

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