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Starbucks Is a Social Responsible Company

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Starbucks is a social responsible company
There are a few reasons why they have become so interested in social responsibility. First of all, they are based out of Seattle. Seattle is known for being an environmentally responsible area and for being interested in making a comfortable, small town feel in their big city. Any business in Seattle has to be environmentally and socially conscious if they want to succeed in the market. Another reason is probably because the founder knows what it is like to grow up struggling. This has made him more down to earth and interested in what is best for his customers and employees. And lastly, many communities, such as Seattle, have become very interested in doing what is right for the greater good. They want to make sure that every choice they make is going to benefit the next generation. People are looking into the businesses they support with much more scrutiny than ever before. Because of this, I think that the founder understood that looking at the bigger picture is important in order to succeed.
Starbucks is unique and provides a high level of benefits to its employees. They offer too many benefits to list all of them and the details here, but they have made some vested interest in their employees. They have gone as far as spending more money on employee benefits than supplies for the stores. That could be very detrimental for a company especially during this economic down turn. That shows that they are more interested in their employee’s well-being than making a ton of money for the company.
Starbucks is a combination of rapid growth with ethical and social responsible activities and they provide products in an environment that customers like. The founder had a good sense of social and ethical responsibility to begin with. Also over time as they have been faced with tough decisions and new challenges they have been...

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