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Final Project: Starting a Language School

Judson University

Final Project: Starting a Language School

Reynosa School of English
Cites and towns in Mexico bordering the U.S Mexico border have a need for low cost effective English language schools. The desire of Mexicans to learn English for better jobs and more opportunity is very high. A well-run language school, in this area would be of great service to many people, and provide a good entrepreneurial opportunity. This type of business most likely would not make the owner a rich person, but once up and running it could provide a healthy income and not be very time consuming. The product being sold would be purposeful instruction, textbooks, and use of the facility and its resources. At the end of the course the students will be prepared to take the TOEFL English exam (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
There are many unregistered language school in the area, and even though they save on registration fees and a lot of paperwork, they leave themselves open to risk of closure by the government, and to lawsuits by unsatisfied customers. The Reynosa Language School will be registered as a stand-alone unaffiliated academy of language arts with S.E.P, (the Mexican national organization in charge of all schools of learning). The application fees are nominal, less than $200 us dollars, but within the application process are several services that need to be paid for. A registered architect needs to be hired to plot the structures to be used for the school, cost for this service can run up to $600 in Mexico, and take up to 3 months to complete. The completed building must be inspected by a service registered with the fire department, this inspection costs about $500. There are some smaller payouts and fees during the process that bring the estimated cost of registering the school to $1,500, and up to 6...

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