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Starting and Developing a New Venture

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Question 1
For a newly internationalised company, like Elecdyne discuss two of the following sets of issues + plus you must discuss question 5 :

1. the centralisation-decentralisation debate (use Porter’s value chain framework to discuss upstream and downstream functions) 2. social innovation and networking (especially in sectors like health and education), 3. sustainability (potential impact of related issues on the company’s innovation, production and / or logistics functions) 4. corporate social responsibility (5 key CSR related issues, Pyramid of CSR etc.)

5. Using the relevant framework (e.g. identify the economic, social and / or environmental aspects of the issues chosen, what objectives / strategies an internationalised company might therefore set, and how it would measure success in meeting these objectives / of these strategies.


The question should be split, broadly as follows:-

1. Introduction (including the choice of issues and why / where they are linked) 2. Describing and discussing first issue in terms of economic, social and / or environmental factors 3. Describing and discussing second issue in terms of economic, social and / or environmental factors 4. The range of objectives and strategies the firm might set itself to meet because of these issues (e.g. profit maximisation, sales maximisation, growth maximisation, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, etc.)) and how it might balance the different objectives (e.g. balanced scorecard approach, triple bottom line, etc.)





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